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Swirl Cleanser

Swirl Cleanser

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Meet your powerful new weapon against acne.

1-Minute Cleanse, All-Day Glow
It only takes a minute to wash away the dirt and bacteria known to cause breakouts.
Made for your skin
The Swirl Cleanser contains 3 easily interchangeable brush heads based on what your skin desires.
Look good, Feel good
Achieve the same dazzling glow and clear skin you get after visiting a world-class spa daily, at the comfort of your room.
30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
We Ship to Your Doorstep
Based in Sheffield, UK

Get the youthful glow you've always dreamed of

Having bad pimple breakouts?

The Swirl Cleanser is crafted to give you a deep, deep clean that will exfoliate out makeup, dirt, and excess sebum to minimize pimples.

It significantly boosts absorption of all your ointments, creams, and moisturizers.

It grossed me out how much foundation I still had on my face, after thinking I removed it all with a makeup remover wipe. I thought I could clean my face with my hands, water, and a washcloth! WRONG!"
-Loren M.

The Swirl Cleanser ends pimples before they ever have a chance to surface.

Glossy skin under 1 minute


  1. Select the brush head of your choice. Simply pull/push to remove or attach your brush head.
  2. Apply desired cleanser of choice to the wet brush head.
  3. Power on the Swirl Cleanser and press button once for low speed and twice for high speed.
  4. Gently scrub around your face.
  5. Expect glossy, glowy and glamorous skin with every use.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will this damage my skin?

No it will not. It comes with two brushes and a sponge so you can change things up based on what your skin needs each day.

Why aren't my pimples going away?

It largely could be be due to left over makeup from an an incredible night out. Doing so can block pores, leaving oil trapped inside leading to embarrassing acne.
Solution? Swirl Cleanser only takes a minute to wash away the dirt and germs.

Is it waterproof?

Yes it is. The Swirl Cleanser is IPX7 Water-Resistance which makes it allowed to be used in the shower.

What is the difference between this and regular hand scrubbing?

Our hands are unable to penetrate deep into the clogged pores in our skin. The Swirl cleanser has 40,000 bristles that gently cleans our pores.


Love this? Get yours now before it’s sold out again. Every package comes with its own unique tracking number to ensure accountability.


If for any reason you aren't feeling satisfied with your order, just send it back within 30 days and we'll give you a full refund of your purchase price!

Customer Reviews

Based on 1204 reviews

The best investment for my face. This brush changed my skin now it’s part of my morning and evening routine.


I really enjoy using this scrubber. The 3 options of brushes are really great. The bristles are soft and nice. It is quiet. The motor seems exactly as powerful as required to remove makeup and residue. Leaves skin feeling clean, but not overly abrasive. Rechargeable and water resistant is great!! This is a wonderful little scrubber. It makes face washing much more fun!


From the pic I posted, you can see the major size difference from the Swirl Cleanser vs. another brand. The Swirl Cleanser's brush is bigger and better, offering more coverage of cleaning in less time. I mostly use the sensitive skin brush because I clean my face daily and with daily use, there hasn't been any irritation. Two other things I've absolutely enjoyed are not having to buy batteries because it comes with a USB cord to recharge and it's waterproof so I've compressed my routine by cleansing my face in the shower. In addition to the sensitive brush, it comes with an exfoliating brush and sponge head that works well when putting on my moisturizer. Overall I'd say this facial brush system is a must-have if you want to have clean, healthy-looking skin. I'd definitely buy it again.


Love it! It's not to harsh on the face but hard enough to get the dirt off. After a couple of days of using it, my blackhead finally came out & that from a person that had that same blackhead for years.


This is the first face cleaning brush I’ve tried and I’m never going back to just splashing water on my face! This comes with 3 heads and I mostly use the sensitive brush head which is the white one for dry skin, which I have almost all winter. I saw improvements the next morning! This is going to last me a long time. This is also the perfect size for traveling so it’s going to be a must bring item for me. A very good beauty product to recommend.